Hello my Name
is Michael Krell

Triathlon is my passion. Previously as an athlete and now for more than 10 years as a full-time licensed triathlon coach. If you are looking for a coach who is authentic, who will challenge you without overburden your time constraints, and will give you honest feedback, I am the right person for you.

I specialize in effective and, above all, time-efficient training for working people. I have written several books and over 100 articles in specialist journals and portals on this topic.

My training is not a piece of cake; we make the most of the training time available to you. If you are highly motivated and really want to do this, we should be a good fit. If you are interested, please send me a message.If I have open coaching spots, we can then discuss everything on the phone.

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Article about lecture night

Attached is a small newspaper report about the last evening of the lecture, have fun reading! here is the link, click your Michael

Interview Main-Echo Aschaffenburg

An interview appeared in the Main-Echo yesterday. I discussed current developments in […]

Lecture in Neuendorf on October 22nd.

have a nice weekend! Next Saturday I have been invited to speak at the SVN's 75th anniversary in Neuendorf. If […]

Trainer course at the Institute for Applied Training Sciences (IAT) in Leipzig

Have a good short week! A few days ago I was in Leipzig, at the venerable Institute for Applied Training Sciences (IAT). [...]

Article in the current tritime magazine

Hello everyone, I wish you a nice weekend! So that the upcoming season break does not become boring, there have been […]

new camp jersey 2022/2023 designed by René Rosa

If you ask me, our new camp jersey looks great! Designed by René Rosa and produced in Germany. Thanks to […]

upcoming World Championships Ironman Hawaii in October

Summer greetings from Nuremberg, the last few weeks have been sporty again! My athlete Manuel achieved […]

until 31.08. Get an early bird discount!

Sunny greetings from Nuremberg! Summer shows itself from its most beautiful side, but unfortunately it will also come to an end at some point. Secures […]

Booth no. 28 Isostar – at the Challenge Roth Expo

Summer greetings from Nuremberg - finally top training temperatures, so the daily training is even more fun! If you […]




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