now available: individual swimming analysis

On Swim I offer individual video analyzes of swimming technique for everyone. All I need is meaningful videos. Have a look at the site, here briefly introduced:

We launched our website in order to offer the numerous swimmers who train alone an opportunity to have their technique checked by an expert. Few athletes train in groups under the eyes of an experienced coach.

Most swimmers train individually and alone, because you are more flexible in terms of training times or maybe you don't feel like swimming in a group.

But since your own feeling in the water often gives a different picture, it is important to check your technique regularly. This is the only way to identify errors and correct them with appropriate corrections. The aim should not only be to improve technique, but above all to increase swimming speed.

A swim analysis includes the following elements:

1. Viewing your video & a detailed error analysis

2. Exercises that are individually adapted to you to switch off errors and technical improvements

3. Identify the other performance reserves: mobility, coordination, etc.

4. Comparison and demonstration of the ideal target state

What kind of video and what angles we need for the analysis, you can see on the page. In principle, we can get a lot out of very short sequences, but the better the output video, the more we can analyze it.

Many greetings

your Michael