let's go into the new season!

It starts again and it can only get better in the coming season!

Even if the current situation continues for a while, the organizers will (have to) find ways to organize competitions again. Perhaps in slightly different formats or with certain participant restrictions, but the successful races at the end of August / September have shown that it works.

Now is the time to get back to regular training. This does not always have to be in the three disciplines, but can also take place off the beaten track. The fun factor can also be in the foreground here! There are hiking tours, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and much more ... As long as there is a certain endurance and / or strength stimulus, it can be wonderfully incorporated into regular training. New stimuli are especially good for motivation. There is still enough time for swimming, cycling and running.

For me personally, the training kick-off will take place in the November camp in Cyprus, and then I'm looking forward to getting my cross-country skis out of the basement again 🙂

have fun & good training!

your Michael