Challenge Roth & Ironman Zurich

The three big summer races are now over for me as a trainer and now it's the final spurt for my race at the end of August. In the Challenge Roth I drove a relay and well, I still have a lot of work to do. A full 20 minutes slower than the last time, with just 4:54 I rolled to the finish. But who knows what it's good for, after this experience I try harder in training. It went well for my athletes. Many first-time offenders were on the line. Max Halbritter managed a 9: 34h straight away and became German team champion together with his two teammates. Not to mention many other athletes. In Zurich there were two more qualifications for the Ironman Hawaii. On the one hand Tobias Schumann in the age group 30-35 and Thomas Völler in the age group 50-55. I now have 6 athletes in Hawaii at the start this year. A small record, if I may call it that 🙂


Many greetings