what was going on in the last few weeks?

Hello everybody,

A lot has happened in the last few weeks, so I barely got to write. So now an update: Our manuscript for the new book is ready and is currently with the editor! A few weeks ago we brought the shooting with Michael Rauschendorfer to the stage. It's going to be really great and I'm looking forward to the release. Unfortunately it won't be anything at Christmas, but in the new year before the new season.

Franzi Bossow - IM Barcelona

My athletes have for the most part put the season behind them and have been extremely successful again. Unfortunately I can of course never mention everything here, even though everyone deserves it! Long-distance training, full-time trainer and writing a book on the side, even I sometimes reach my limits. Even if I know about time-effective training. So check out the rare news or updates over the past few months.

In addition to Stephan and Gaby, who competed in Hawaii on Saturday, I would also like to mention Franzi. She reached 5th place overall at the Ironman Barcelona two weeks ago. Franzi delivered a very strong race and, as an amateur, left a lot of professional women behind her. A great race! Especially when you consider that Franzi was at the start in Roth two months beforehand.

Franzi Bossow - IM Barcelona

After the phenomenal Hawaii night on Saturday, I am of course highly motivated myself and will now slowly end my season break and get back into training. First strength training, shorter basic units and technology-oriented. As long as a stable basic shape slowly emerges and then it goes into winter training. Keeping a long story short.

have a good week & get in!