Every beginning is difficult ...

Apart from the fact that I could never ride in such a position, I would like to have a bike like our young sports colleague Björn Anderson. Just looking at his sitting position, however, already shortens my muscles. No wonder that although it regularly breaks all cycling records, it dies while running like my favorite sweater when I first used a washing machine in the student dormitory 🙂

I never believed it before, but IM Zurich opened my eyes to my racing strategy for the long distance. Do everything you can to start the final marathon halfway fresh! This excludes the following points:
"Try to catch up with all good swimmers who came out of the water before you within 40km, and then ??"
"To drive your pulse to unimagined heights, either for the reason just mentioned or because you cycle too euphorically after a swim time never before achieved"
"Ignoring your diet, how long do you think yesterday's few pasta will last? Especially in connection with a pulse that is too high, you can almost watch your carbohydrate reserves dwindle "
"Don't be patient, this is not the last short distance three weeks ago that ended after 2 hours;)"
What do you all mean??

Nevertheless, this photo motivates me again and again and in the next few days I can finally start my regular training again. The break was long enough now and before I put on 10kg, it will be back to training on Monday!

By the way, my first blog is “Kona, I'm coming!” For the online triathlon magazine http://www.tri-mag.de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1576&Itemid=103 on air!
Have a look if you feel like it. Have fun training everyone, from now on we'll see you on the streets again 😉

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