Hoopla… Tötörööööö

I have a really cool announcement to make. For the magazine “Triathlon“ I will be posting a regular blog on their homepage write. There I will report about my upcoming preparation for Hawaii and later also keep you up to date with daily exciting or less exciting stories from Kona (Hawaii) in general, and from our 4-person flat share with Thorsten & Denise in particular. I am supported there by the editorial team with pictures and videos.
Stay tuned… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Saucool!

  1. Hey Thorsten,

    don't worry, you know me, they just want to accompany an amateur who doesn't train for 300 hours per week like a professional, but has to work! One of us, so to speak ...

  2. well, someone wants to show off a lot;)
    Have you found another stupid endurance athlete who sits down in the evening and writes a stupid blog! one of us ... ..—, get sponsored- with nice new clothes, or wait a minute- what do I need? see if you can dust off a neo, in a size smaller than you need;)
    Incidentally, I have a newspaper article from the Franconian day with your result from Zurich with me.

    Greetings Moritz

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