Challenge Roth 2019

The Challenge Roth is now a week ago and unfortunately the regional triathlon highlight is over. Of course, I was there and I couldn't help but cheer on my athletes personally. It's always nice to see when the athletes' months of training are reflected in a good race. It also motivates you to step on the gas again.

A large number of my athletes competed in Roth again, and I really enjoyed cheering on each one. Thanks to the tracking app, which is now working well, that was quite possible. I would like to single out three athletes who have tackled a long distance for the first time. All starters on the day will of course be honored and congratulated.

Fabi Dworschak and Nicole Hertfelder achieved an excellent time of 9:07 hours and 11:46 hours respectively in their debut, which was even a little faster than I had expected. If it's your day, you can grow beyond yourself. A great feeling.

But what made me just as happy was Jessy Frohn. She also took part in an LD for the first time and the only goal was to get there. Jessy was already in the training camp in Cyprus in March and she made an incredibly motivated impression on me. She wasn't the fastest, but she was very determined and disciplined. In Roth itself, at 14:45 hours, she was exactly 15 minutes below the cut-off time, making her the happiest finisher of the day. A pure joy to look into her radiant face during the final run.

All of this is triathlon and I'm happy to do a job that helps people achieve their dreams. For me as a trainer, too, a great feeling to have helped.

have a good week!