[: de] Triathlon weekend camp in April and women's league camp in May [:]

[: de] A short announcement on our own behalf. In April there is a camp in Traunreut am Chiemsee. We will carry out a swimming video analysis of the participants and work on the individual technique. There are also two running units and a long bike unit through the beautiful foothills of the Alps. If we do the whole thing from April 21st. until April 23 2-3 places are still available. Price: € 249 including 2 nights with breakfast

RadgruppeAlso a little novelty: a special one Weekend women's camp with tempo focus from May 12th to May 14th The focus is on speed training in competition-specific formats. On the one hand, the weekend improves your own performance and competition speed and should therefore be viewed as a mini training camp. On the other hand, the participants gain a high level of self-confidence and racing intelligence through competition-specific training. They also learn to better assess their abilities. We still have space for a women's team. Price 189 € including 2 nights with breakfast. [:]