Training camp Cyprus

February / March of this year was all about our training camp in Paphos. Thanks to Germania's direct flight connections from many German cities, it is a stone's throw for most participants. As always, the island showed itself from its most beautiful side, and not a single raindrop in three weeks disturbed our cool camp program. The daytime temperatures were mostly over 20 degrees. In addition to the obligatory swimming, cycling and running units, we often jumped into the sea, which finally culminated in our own sprint triathlon. Click picture for youtube video!

Initially planned as a fun event, the organization became more and more professional over time. So this time at the start 60 participants, some local triathletes, start numbers, timekeeping for all three disciplines, relay teams, road surveillance by the police and a film drone. It's amazing what you can do with motivated supporters. It was all fun, at the latest after the finish line 😉

Camps are of course also planned for next year. Even after seven years I get to know new routes every time. Many nice acquaintances have emerged from all this time and it would not be possible without my long-time assistant coaches Tobias, Martin and Julia. So many thanks to everyone who supports me every time. For this year also Andreas, Bob and Jorgos. The camp is becoming more popular year after year, which also speaks for our commitment and efforts.

Here is a small selection of pictures from the different groups: